If you were looking for a great city building game for mac os, Anno 2205 OS X is the right choice for you. In this game you will need to use your own strategy in order to succeed. The players will have the chance to set colonies on the moon because the game is set in the future. They can take the role of a leader from a corporation which has to compete against other corporations in the game. Anno 2205 is definetely one of the best mac os strategy game. You should wait no more and proceed with the download right now.

Anno 2205 OS X

Anno 2205 OS X

As more buildings are built, the populations will increase. In Anno 2205 OS X, players must fulfill the needs of their citizens by building houses and also different facilities such as robot production ones. Upgrading the production structures will improve the overall efficiency of the game. Players will be asked to conduct research in the arctic regions of the planet. They will have to colonize the moon and also build cities inside the craters. There will be different resources for the players to harvest. In other words, Anno 2205 OS X is all about exploring, creating and evolving. The lack of battle is the strongest difference between games like Total War Warhammer OS X and this one. So if you like the games of this genre, download Anno 2205 for mac OS and build your world.


Latest Download On: 31.05.2019

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