Destiny The Taken King OS X is a first person shooter game, known as the third expansion for the phenomen Destiny. We now present the Legendary Edition of Destiny The Taken King. This offers you access to the original game and the previous DLCs. It’s your choice what you want to download.
Destiny The Taken King OS X gives you have the chance to play in campaign mode and even in multiplayer mode, directly from your macOS computer.

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Destiny The Taken King OS X

Destiny The Taken King OS X

Destiny The Taken King OS X

You will see that you will have to face a lot of enemies in this one and you will soon see that this game has a darker vibe assigned to it. You must gain all of the loot in order to advance through the game. You will also need to take part into different battles and use your strategy to defeat the enemies. Destiny The Taken King OS X has some hidden treasures within it and you will also need to defeat bosses while playing it. You can choose form three characters with different abilities and upgrade them as you play this game. Compared to the first two expansions, this one feature a lot more content for Destiny. A new campaign, new multiplayer modes, new maps and new characters. Download it now and enjoy one of the most downloaded games ever made on PS4, right on your Macbook/iMac.

Destiny The Taken King OS X DOWNLOAD

Latest Update: 31.05.2019

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