Dragon Age Inquisition OS X – [FULL] RPG for Macbook/iMac

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Dragon Age Inquisition OS X

Developed by Bioware Edmonton, Dragon Age Inquisition OS X is a really interesting action role-playing game for Mac, from now available for any Macbook/iMac. This is the third game in the Dragon Age Franchise, following the same theme as the previous titles. Because it’s the most popular and well-made title we have decided to open a macOS port for it. That’s how Dragon Age Inquisition for OS X project was started and now the game is available worldwide for free download.

Download Dragon Age: Inquisition.dmg

Dragon Age Inquisition OS X

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The main story of Dragon Age Inquisition Mac is focused around the player known as Inquisitor. You will have to play him in a journey to settle a civil war. The inquisitor is believed to be the chosen one. First of all, the player will need to choose the race he wants to play with. He can choose from different races such as elf, human, or even dwarf. The character in Dragon Age Inquisition for Mac will evolve to become the Inquisitor of Thedas. Players can also influence the areas of the game as they travel through it. There is so much to be said about Dragon Age Inquisition OS X, but let’s not waste time. Download this game for Mac now and discover its awesome feature by yourself. Enjoy!

Dragon Age Inquisition OS X

System Requirements:

CPU: AMD Quad core/Intel Quad-core 
OS: macOS 10.13
Video Card: AMD Radeon HD 4870/Nvidia GeForce 8800 GT

Dragon Age Inquisition Mac

  • Edition: GAME OF THE YEAR
  • Category: Action-RPG for Mac
  • Runs smoothly on both M1 and M2 chips
  • Format: .dmg – NO emulators or VM required
  • Price: FREE


Dragon Age Inquisition for Mac

Download Dragon Age: Inquisition.dmg

UPDATED: 11.07.2023


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