The Dragon Ball FighterZ for mac OS is out. You will see that this one is a great fighting game for everyone who loves the DBZ Universe. It was developed by Arc System Works. You will see that this one has some concepts from other fighting games such as Marvel vs. Capcom. You can easily select your wanted players in order to form yourself a team. Dragon Ball FighterZ OS X is the perfect game for all the players who love this genre and own a Macintosh computer.

Dragon Ball FighterZ OS X SCREENSHOTS

Dragon Ball FighterZ OS X

Dragon Ball FighterZ OS X

In Dragon Ball FighterZ, the player will be able to select three characters in order to form a team. The character you are playing with can be switched every time you want. There will also be some assist moves available. You can call your teammates to do some combos. In order to win a game you will have to defeat the other characters. Players will have several universal moves. For example with the Vanish Attack, the player can teleport behind the opponent. This teleport technique can offer the player the possibility to bypass enemy projectiles.

Another great move is the Dragon Rush one. By using this move, the player can easily break through an opponent`s guard. There are a lot of other similar moves to be discovered in this game, so proceed now with the Dragon Ball FighterZ OS X download! You will see that you will like all of these moves a lot and you will have the game you want. You will certainly like playing this game a lot. In this one you will manage to gather all of the Dragon Balls. By getting the Dragon Balls you will manage to gain additional combos and also moves. In other words, Dragon Ball FighterZ OS X is a game that must be played by all the fans, and not only. Enjoy!

Dragon Ball FighterZ OS X DOWNLOAD

Latest Download On: 29.03.2020

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