Fortnite OS X is a really interesting game that a lot of players already enjoy. This one has just been released and it is known to be a survival video game developed by People Can Fly. The main plot of this game revolves around the fact that 96% of the world`s population suddenly disappeared. The remaining world is covered in dense clouds. The chaotic storms that rumble the earth are causing a lot of troubles. There are also humanoid zombies in this game. You will have to play as the survivors.


Fortnite OS X

Fortnite OS X

The main goal of Fortnite will be to construct the perfect “storm shield”. This shield will need to clear the storm clouds and reduce the attacks from husks. Players will need to take control of bases. They will be challenged with different situations. The main thing that is going to be needed to do will be to find resources, survivors and other allies. Finding a way to return Earth to normal is another big part of this game. Fortnite OS X is about exploration and trying to do different things such as scavenging items or even crafting your very own weapons. Another thing that the player will need to do in this game will be to build some fortified structures.

Soon after the released of this game, it became the main “enemy” of another masive multiplayer game, PlayerUnknown’s Battleground OS X. This was a big surprise and a big step forward for the creators of Fortnite. You can find both games in the action os x games category.


Latest Download On: 31.05.2019

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