Hello Neighbor OS X Game NEW VERSION

Hello Neighbor OS X

At first sight, this is perfect mac os adventure game for kids, without complex graphics or violence. But it’s not like this at all… If you were looking for a survival horror game, than Hello Neighbor OS X is the one for you. You will see that this game is quite interesting. The player will have to sneak into the basement of the neighbor to discover a big secret. The advanced AI system will make your gameplay harder and harder because it adapts to your actions and behaviour. Go ahead and give it a try!


Hello Neighbor OS X

Hello Neighbor OS XHello Neighbor OS X has an artificial intelligence system integrated within it. You will see that the neighbor`s action will be modified based on that player`s past actions. Hello Neighbor was released and it is ready for the players to enjoy. A lot of critics have already praised the game. It has received a lot of great feedback from a lot of players across the world. You can also play the story of this game and you will enjoy it a lot. You will see that this game will be pretty addictive and you will like it. Download now Hello Neighbor for mac OS and start the quest of discovering your neighbor’s secret.

Hello Neighbor OS X DOWNLOAD

Latest Download On: 27.04.2018

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