Knight Squad 2 Mac OS GAME Download

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Knight Squad 2 Mac OS GAME

Knight Squad 2 Mac OS

Knight Squad 2 is a multiplayer arcade game for Mac, that will hold up to eight players. Get ready to choose from the multitude of game modes and the new weapon sets. Prepare your knight so that you can triumph in action-packed battles. You can arm your knight with weapons from the Middle Ages, and you can also customize your gameplay. A very interesting feature in Knight Squad 2 for Mac is the fact that you can collect new weapons from the map to destroy your enemies.

Download Knight Squad 2 for OS X

Knight Squad 2 Mac OS GAME

Even if you are a knight, this does not mean that you will only fight with swords, you can even use a laser gun or bombs. You can also form teams with your friends and play against each other to capture the flag. Knight Squad 2 macOS is an easy macOS game to assimilate, improved with new weapons, and amazing to play with your friends. It is a game that keeps you active throughout the whole game.

CPU: 2nd generation Core i3/AMD A6
OS: macOS 10.8
Video Card: Nvidia 8800 GT/AMD 5670/Intel HD 3000


  • Edition: STANDARD
  • Category: Multiplayer
  • Works on any Macbook/iMac with the minimum configuration
  • No additional software required
  • High download speed
  • Price: FREE


Knight Squad 2 for macOS

Download Knight Squad 2 for OS X

Last Update: 07.07.2023

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