Lego World was published by Warner Bros. the game offers the players a chance to build constructions the way they would like. This one is working on Microsoft Windows and even other platforms such as Xbox On e and PlayStation 4. From now on, Lego Worlds Mac OS X version is also available for those who own a Macbook or an iMac and want to play this nice game. Lego Worlds is a sandbox type of game which will allow the players to build their wanted world. They will manage to collect all of the items they will need and the player will be able to use the items that he have encountered. The player can also customize all of the characters appearances and outfits. The terrain and environment can also be changed the way the player would like. You can choose from a variety of vehicles such as helicopters and different creatures that are features in the game.


Lego Worlds Mac OS X

Lego Worlds Mac OS X

This Lego World is also said to offer in the near future the possibility to play it in multiplayer mode. All the updates that the producers will release will be available also for the Mac OS players in maximum 24 h after the official release. If you love the Lego universe and you have a rich imagination, Lego Worlds Mac OS X could be the perfect game for you. This game will run on all the macOS computers which have OS X 10.10 or higher. Don’t hesitate and download now Lego Worlds for OS X!

Lego Worlds Mac OS X DOWNLOAD

Lego Worlds Mac OS XFILE SIZE: 11 GB
Latest Update: 01.06.2019

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