The rival of the legend called FIFA is back with its next title. As Konami used us, they release every year the competition for EA SPORTS’s FIFA. Now it’s time for PES 2017 Mac OS X, the best game in the Pro Evolution Soccer series, as the critics said.  The creator of this awesome fotball simulation game began to obtain licenses for players, clubs and stadiums. This was the biggest disadvantage for PES compared to FIFA. Now they have license for FC Barcelona, Liverpool F.C., Arsenal F.C., Borussia Dortmund and Club Athletico River Plate. However, PES 2017 Mac OS X doesn’t have license for big teams like Real Madrid C.F., Bayern Munchen, Manchester United and Juventus. These team were licensed in PES 2016, but now many say that because of the rivalities between the teams, Konami has been forced to choose what license they want.

PES 2017 Mac OS X

PES 2017 Mac OS X

PES 2017 Mac OS X

PES 2017 Mac OS X has many improvements. One of them is the addaptive AI. This system makes the artificial inteligence addapt for the style of each player. The game will change its tactics automatically, according to your strategic moves and the match performances. The critics rated this game with almost the highest grade, which is a big jump for Konami after the dissapointing PES 2016.
After a few weeks of work, now we present the version for Mac OS, available worldwide for all the PES lovers. No additional software is required to play this game. Windows emulators are history! Enjoy this awesome fotball simulator and check our website for other games.


Fifa 17 Mac OS XFILE SIZE: 10 GB
Latest Update: 31.05.2019

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