One of the most appreciated online-only games is now available for Mac OS X computers, for the delight of the players. Rainbow Six Siege OS X is the game presented now and it’s available for FREE download from the button below. This is the first title in the series that does not feature a campaign mode. It’s  based only on multiplayer, focusing on environment destruction and cooperation between players.
Winner of the Best PC Game award, Rainbow Six Siege‘s success never got down. The creator said that they will always update the content and this will keep the game alive. So, if you want to gather some friends and play a nice FPS, Rainbow Six Siege OS X is perfect for you. Proceed to the download section and get this game right now!

Rainbow Six Siege OS X

Rainbow Six Siege OS X

Rainbow Six Siege OS X

Rainbow Six Siege OS X features five different modes. Take part of the Rainbow team by choosing one operator and start the match. You can select from the top anti-terrorists organisations around the world. Each operator has different weapons and gadgets, so choose the one that suits your preferences.

The mode called “Terorist Hunt”, present in the previous titles, is back now and the players were very excited. There are 11 maps to play on, so you will not get bored very fast. This game is perfect to be played with friends and that’s why we added it to the download library for all the Mac OS players. Now it’s time to download Rainbow Six Siege for Mac, take your team and reach the top of the leaderboards. Enjoy!

Rainbow Six Siege OS X – DOWNLOAD

Fifa 17 Mac OS XFILE SIZE: 31 GB
Latest Update: 31.05.2019

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