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Sniper Elite 4 OS X

Sniper Elite 4 is a shooter stealth video game which is a sequel to Sniper Elite 3. This game was firstly released for Playstation 4, Microsoft Windows and Xbox One. In this game there are different thing that you need to do player form a third person perspective which a lot of players liked. When you kill an enemy, an X-Ray kill cam system will appear on the screen and will allow you to follow the bullet which will show how the enemy was killed. The maps in Sniper Elite 4 OS X are larger than the ones in Sniper Elite 3. You will have more freedom of movement and there will be an open-ended gameplay that you will definetely love.

Sniper Elite 4 OS X – SCREENSHOTS

Sniper Elite 4 OS X

Sniper Elite 4 OS X

Sniper Elite 4 OS X is set in Italy, in the year 1943. The developers of the game decided to make this one a sniper paradise and this is why they extended the maps. The game`s rendering, animation system and artificial intelligence was reworked so that the player will always be able to have fun in this game and have a better experience. Sniper Elite 4 has received a lot of good reviews from critics and has managed to make better sales than the previous game. This is the main reason for which the Get-MacGames’s team tried its best to offer the Mac OS X Sniper Elite 4. Now it’s available, completelly FREE, just by clicking on the button below. Enjoy!

Sniper Elite 4 OS X DOWNLOAD

Fifa 17 Mac OS XFILE SIZE: 33 GB
Latest Update: 26.04.2018

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