SpellForce 3 OS X is a real-time strategy and also a role-playing mac os game that is owned by THQ Nordic and has been created by Phenomic. We now publish this game for all the Macintosh computer owner who want to play it. The first release of the game occurred in 2003 and the last occurred in recently. SpellForce 3 is set in a world inhibited by various races such as dwarves, orcs, dark elves, trolls and humans. On this planet called Eo also live near-immortal mages named collectively as The Circle. They have summoned rune warriors from magical monuments in order to keep peace.


SpellForce 3 OS X

SpellForce 3 OS X

If you download the SpellForce 3 OS X you will have a game with a great story and gameplay. A few years before the start of the first game, the mages discovered the Convocation. This is an ancient text describing a power-grading ritual that is known for its powers. The power was the cause of the fights amongst mages who used rune warriors as their main weapons of war. Each of the mages tried to perform the ritual but none of them was powerful enough to control the ritual so the world was shattered. Now only small pieces of land remain in the world where once stood continents like Urgath, Xu and Fiara. The remaining land is centered around towers created by the Star God, Aonir.

In the first game of this series, one of The Circle mages reappears and he summons a Rune warrior in order to save the world. SpellForce 3 OS X is similar to games such as Diablo, Sacred or Diablo 3. You will need development and will need to customize its equipment. SpellForce 3 mirrors the Warcraft fantasy real time strategy type of game and will offer the user the possibility to control several separate functions such as The Pact, The Clans and The Realm. Each function will have its own individual building types and troops. Several different modes will be available and the player will have to choose between skirmish mode, free play mode or even campaign mode. Download now SpellForce 3 for macOS and begin your campaign.

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