This new Star Trek Bridge Crew is out. This game takes place in an alternate reality. This reality is the same with the one you will see in the 2009 movie. The Starfleet ship looks for the Vulcans home. The ship gets into a region quite popular in the galaxy. This region is called “The Trench”. You will see that in this game, the region is occupied by “The Trench”. Star Trek Bridge Crew OS X can easily be played by up to four players this means you will be able to play it with your friends and you will certainly like it. You will need to pass through all of the missions in this game and you will also need to do the story that this game offers.

Star Trek Bridge Crew OS X – SCREENSHOTS

Star Trek Bridge Crew OS X

Star Trek Bridge Crew OS X

Star Trek Bridge Crew was developed by Red Storm Entertainment and it was published by Ubisoft. This game is already quite popular, and you should try it out because it will certainly be a hit for you. Now available in .dmg format, you can download Star Trek Bridge Crew OS X right from the button below. A security verification may be required in order to get the game. Just follow the instruction given and very fast and easy your download will start.

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Star Trek Bridge Crew OS X DOWNLOAD

Latest Update: 02.06.2019

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