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Steep OS X

Steep is an extreme sports game for macOS, appreciated for its graphics and design. We are very proud to please all our users who strongly requested this game. Now, Steep OS X version is finally available for download worldwide. This game has been released by Ubisoft Annecy and it places a great emphasis on online multiplayer. It’s main quest consists in competing in various winter sports while challenging other players from across the world. Steep is set in an open world environment in the Denali and Alps.

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Steep OS X

Steep OS X

The Macintosh owners will have the chance to play Steep OS X in both third and first-person perspective. Perspectives can easily be changed instantly at a single press of a button. During races, the game also utilizes the GoPro camera. This extreme sport video game will offer the player four sports to select from. These sports are snowboarding, paragliding, wingsuit flying and skiing. Players can easily switch between these activities as they want by using the game`s menu wheel. All players share the same world and they have to engage in different activities simultaneously. Drop zones serve as fast travel points for the players.

Download now Steep OS X on your computer, directly from the button below! It’s a pretty fun game which is very probable to make you addictive to it. You must give it a try!


Latest Download On: 26.04.2018

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