The Surge OS X is out for every player worldwide! Today we have great news for all the RPG‘s genre lovers! The mac OS version for The Surge is released  and can be downloaded very easy, from the button below. You can start taking advantage of this new The Surge because it is a really great game. This one is a role-playing game in which you will have to battle all of your enemies using an exoskeleton body suit, which can be customized the way you like. In this game you will see that you will face a portrait of the future. The developers said that this game revolves around the decadent era of humanity and its relation with the environment.


The Surge OS X

The Surge OS X

The storyline of The Surge OS X is really intensive and addictive. Mankind has finished all of the resources that planet Earth offers. After each combat, the players will have the chance to gain all of the body parts that have fallen down from their enemies in order to upgrade themselves. This one also allows the players to utilize some finishing moves that will usually end in dismemberment of other players. It is said that The Surge OS X is the spiritual successor to Deck13 Interactive’s game Lords of The Fallen, which can also be downloaded from here. So, if you want to play a really nice RPG on your macOS computer, download The Surge OS X right now. Enjoy!


Latest Update: 05.06.2019

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