Welcome to the presentation of a great racing game! We have very good news for all the racing lovers who played The Crew on consoles or on PC. Our team of skilled programmers managed to get this game for Mac OS computers. We proud present now the new The Crew Mac OS X, which can be played on Macintosh running Mac OS 10.9 or higher. We are very glad because this game was requested by many users and now it’s finally available for Macbook /iMac worldwide!


The Crew Mac OS X

The Crew Mac OS X

The Crew Mac OS X is a racing game, with a large world map to race, explore and gather your friend into awesome challenges. This game escape a little bit from the classic racing games universe. This fact is granted by the allways-online system, which means that you must be connected to the internet to play this game. By this way you can meet with real people from all around the world, compete with them or make your own crew in order to complete all the challenges.

Wild Run and Calling All Units are the two content-download packs released after the official publication of the game. Without any doubt, The Crew Mac OS X Calling All Units is the best because it features the possibility to play as cop. You will gain acces to specific police equipements and special cars in order to catch the illegal racers. This brings a lot of diversity to this game, which was very apreciated by both the players and the critics.
Download from the button below and try this game on your Mac OS computer. Enjoy!


Fifa 17 Mac OS XFILE SIZE: 26 GB
Latest Update: 31.05.2019

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