Company of Heroes 3 Mac OS – How to Play FREE

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Company of Heroes 3 Mac OS

Company of Heroes 3 Mac OS

Company of Heroes 3 Mac takes us back to the days of World War 2, with a set of new, very exciting features. A game for Mac that you can play with your friends is an extraordinary multiplayer game for Mac. All the action that happens in this game is very realistic, and the actions that happen around you will keep you captivated throughout the game. Whether we are talking about attacks or even buildings being destroyed. Company of Heroes 3 for macOS takes place in a new setting, namely the Mediterranean area, the African area, and more.

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Company of Heroes 3 Mac OS

This free macOS game has campaigns that take place on large surfaces, which makes it worth discovering. The fact that you can explore and conquer territories, exactly as you want, leaving it up to you to find the way to success, makes it a must-play game. In real-time mode, the battles will be random, but you will also have a series of objectives and missions to complete. You can make decisions in Company of Heroes 3 Mac, which will please some and disturb others. Enjoy this game with new authentic battle tactics, and discover World War 2 right inside it. This is a game for Mac with excellent graphics and a very captivating story.


CPU: Intel i5 6th-gen AMD Ryzen @3GHz
OS: macOS 10.12
Video Card: NVIDIA GeForce GTX 950/AMD Radeon R9 370


  • Edition: PREMIUM
  • Category: STRATEGY
  • Works on any Macbook/iMac with the minimum configuration
  • No additional software required
  • High download speed
  • Price: FREE



Company of Heroes 3 Mac Game

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Last Update: 07.07.2023


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