Far Cry Primal was developed by Ubisoft Montreal and was published by Ubisoft. This game was launched for PlayStation 4, Xbox ONE and PC. Now we present the exclusive version for Mac OS. Far Cry Primal OS X is offered FREE only here, at Get-MacGames.com. You will see that all of the action of this game takes place in Stone Age. This game got a lot of positive reactions from the critics. They said that the player hasn`t got enough weapons at its disposal and they felt that the characters and the story were really different from other Far Cry games. You will have the ability to domesticate animals. The traditional Far Cry game is modified and now the player manages to play the game in the Stone Age. You will have to take use of some axes and arches in order to advance through this one. The player will also need to learn how to craft different things. They will also need to hunt their prey in the game. You can make tribes in this game and you will have to protect the tribe members.


Far Cry Primal OS X

Far Cry Primal OS X

In other words, Far Cry Primal is a fresh game in the series, which must be tried by all the RPG lovers. From the button below you get direct access to Far Cry Primal OS X. A Mac OS port is now available for this game because a lot of players requested Far Cry for Mac. The .dmg file, exclusive for OS X, is very easy to use. The game is fully activated and doesn’t require any additional software or crack in order to run. So, download now Far Cry Primal OS X and begin the adventure.

Far Cry Primal OS X DOWNLOAD

Latest Update: 01.06.2019

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