The time of FIFA 17 has come! FIFA 17 OS X is out and present it totally free only for you, all the lovers of Fifa series. If you own a Mac OS computer and you want to play FIFA 17, this is the perfect place for you!
The Electronic Arts developers have done a nice work with the new version of Fifa. They introduced a new gameplay mode, named “The Journey”, which allow you to be a real english football player (Alex Hunter). You will work for your reputation, will try to become the best player that the world have ever seen, with ups and downs. Although, the most important thing is that you can live a football players life. Alex Hunter is a real person, a football player with an interesting story about his grandfather who was also a football player in his youth.

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FIFA 17 presents 20 Premier League managers that you will play with, and the cover art has Marco Reus on it.
Of course, as the previous series of Fifa, it can be played on single-player or multiplayer mode, but the new FIFA 17 is more realistic that you’ve ever seen. EA SPORTS powers doesn’t stop here, they also bring out new training sessions and a lot of nice changes in the career mode. But don’t trust us, download the game and let it impress you.
FIFA 17 OS X gets a lot of very good reviews from all around the world. But why sit and listen to them? Get your own FIFA 17 for OS X and become addicted to it.

FIFA 17 Gameplay on Mac OS

Fifa 17 Mac OS X

Fifa 17 Mac OS XFILE SIZE: 23 GB
Latest Download: 01.06.2019

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