The Crew 2 for macOS was made especially for race games fans across the world, who own a macOS computer. We know that there is a pretty small collection of racing games for os x, a big title for this category. The Crew 2 OS X features an open world that can be discovered by the player. You will be able to control a variety of vehicles including motorcycles, airplanes, cars and even boats. If you like races, then you shouldn`t miss this game out because it will offer you a great racing experience. As the player of the game you will have to take control of an unknown racer who tries to work his way out in becoming successful in multiple disciplines. So, download now The Crew 2 on your Macintosh and begin the racing adventure.


The Crew 2 OS X

The Crew 2 OS X

The open world type of environment will offer you the chance to explore some well-known places in the United States. The physics of The Crew 2 will adapt every time the player will chance a vehicle. Players can easily switch between controlling different vehicles such as air, sea and land ones. The themes of this game include different hub worlds such as pro racing, street racing and even freestyle. Another beloved feature of The Crew 2 OS X is the vehicle customization. This feature is similar to the first game.

The multiplayer feature is also a big part of The Crew 2 OS X and you will see that the cooperative multiplayer mode will be available for you if you decide to try this one out. You can join different rally raid events with other players that are currently playing this game. You can play this mode solo with artificial intelligence too. If you already like this game, you can download it right now from the button below.


Latest Download On: 31.05.2019

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