Do you search for a real action game to test your skills? Go ahead and download now Titanfall 2 Mac OS X on your computer! This is the perfect FPS for all the genre lovers. If you want a veritable first-person shooter combined with robotic and science-fiction elements, Titanfall 2 if the game that you will 100% love. It’s available now for Mac OS computers, completely FREE and very easy to download and use! Until now you had to use windows emulators, like Wine, in order to play some games on your Macbook / iMac. Now that is history! Download now Titanfall 2 for Mac and enjoy this awesome creation of Electronic Arts.

Titanfall 2 Mac OS X

As a sequel to the first title, released in 2014, Titanfall 2 Mac OS X will get you into the skin of a soldier from infantry, who’s main personal quest is to become pilot for a Titan. The action of this game takes place in so called “The Frontier”, a region in a star system far away from Earth. Jack Cooper is strongly involved in the conflict between the IMC forces and the Frontier’s Militia. He fights for the second ones and, accompanied by a Titan, reaches an alien planet called Typhon. He must make a perfect alliance with his squadmate in order to fight with the allien enemies and the IMC troops.

Titanfall 2 Mac OS X won the “Best Online Multiplayer” award, so gather all your friends, get a titan and start an epic battle. The game is available in .dmg format for everyone who wants to play this game on Mac OS very easy! Download now and enjoy!

Titanfall 2 Mac OS X

Titanfall 2 Mac OS X DOWNLOAD

Fifa 17 Mac OS XFILE SIZE: 40 GB
Latest Update: 31.05.2019

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