Civilisation VI Rise and Fall is an expansion for the turn-based strategy game Civilization VI. It has already been released in North America and it came with some new civilizations, features and also leaders for the players to enjoy. We present now the OS X version of Civilisation VI Rise and Fall. If you don’t have already the main game, please download it from here: Civilisation VI. After you get the game on your macOS computer, download Civilisation VI Rise and Fall OS X from the button below and follow the installer.

Civilisation VI Rise and Fall OS X SCREENSHOTS

Civilisation VI Rise and Fall OS X

Civilisation VI Rise and Fall OS X

Civilisation VI Rise and Fall OS X expansion focuses on emulating the potential of a civilization to rise and then collapse due to some factors. Each player will be challenged to deal with these turns in their civilization. When the competing civilizations reach the required milestones, this expansion will be triggered. Each and every civilization in the game will be evaluated for their points and Era Score which has been awarded due to achieving certain Historic Moments or other advancement goals.

The Era Score will tell if a civilization is ready to advance to the Golden Age. In this age, cities and populations are more loyal to their leaders and this is why their production will be improved. Population in Dark Age is less loyal, but if the player manages to make his civilization pass this Age, it will be easier to get to the Golden Age. After the Golden Age, the era shifts to the Heroic Age which offers some additional points towards the Era Score in the game. Cities take advantage of the Loyality rating which is affected by Golden or Dark Ages. Loyality points keeps the population happy. The governors that specialize in economy and military can be advanced in tiers in order to provide more powerful bonuses for the overall game score.

Civilisation VI Rise and Fall OS X DOWNLOAD

Latest Download On: 29.03.2020

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