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You can bet that this Dirt 4 game, released by Codemasters, is a really interesting one that you will like. In this game you will have to race, race and… race! There aren’t many racing games for macOS computers. Need for Speed Rivals Mac OS, Forza Horizon 3 Mac OS and other three titles. We decided to add a new and fresh game into this category, and it wasn’t hard to decide which one. Dirt 4 OS X is a probably the mac os racing game of the year. Like in the most games of this genre, you will need to complete different stages in this game and you will enjoy some really nice locations such as Tarragona in Spain, Powys in Wales or even Michigan in the United States. It will also include some well known circuits such as the Lydden Hill Race Circuit in Great Britain or even the Circuit of Loheac in France.


Dirt 4 OS X

Dirt 4 OS X

In DiRT 4 OS X will need to help your team in order to boost the overall performance in this game. You will soon see that this one will be pretty addictive and you will love it. You can even play Dirt 4 against a lot of players from across the world and you will certainly like it. As a player, you will have the possibility to buy or sale cars in this game. For classic racing lover, this game is way above any other title in this genre. So, you want to experience the life of a real professional racer, download now DiRT 4 OS X, directly on your Macbook / iMac. Enjoy!


Latest Update: 26.04.2018

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