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Dying Light 2 Mac OS Game

Dying Light 2
– FREE Game for Mac –

The gameplay of Dying Light 2 Mac has not received drastic changes – we will still rush the streets, chop and run away from zombies, and improve our parkour skills. But there will be many pleasant innovations. For example, in the second part, the developers decided to completely abandon firearms. The arsenal of weapons now consists of a variety of melee slashing and piercing weapons, as well as other, more exotic murder weapons. Cannons can be crafted from improvised items – the apocalypse is outside the window, isn’t it?  

Download Dying Light 2 for OS X

Dying Light 2 Mac OS Game

The parkour component has been enhanced with a more detailed level design in Dying Light 2 for Mac. Since the events take place in a European city, we will be able to enjoy rich architecture in different styles. There are now a huge number of escape options, which is commendable because the zombies do not sleep. The realistic movement and behavior of opponents are what Dying Light is so fond of. 

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The developers did not give up on the change of day and night. As you remember, in the first part, more creepy and powerful opponents came out at night, which posed a real threat to the player. Everything will be the same in Dying Light 2 Mac, and to defeat such enemies, you will need electricity and ultraviolet light. But can you hold out until the morning?

CPU: Intel Core i3-9100/AMD Ryzen 3 2300X
OS: macOS 10.11
Video Card: NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1050 Ti/AMD Radeon RX 560


  • Edition: ULTIMATE
  • Category: Action-RPG
  • Works on any Macbook/iMac with the minimum configuration
  • No additional software required
  • High download speed
  • Price: FREE


Dying Light 2 Mac OS

Download Dying Light 2 for OS X

Last Update: 13.07.2023

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